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Was created in 2006  and specializes in producing cultural projects and art exhibitions. Founded by Angela Magdalena, the creator holds ample experiences in the area; having already produced over 80 shows since 1995. Madai’s core team is composed of young producers whose ambition is to ensure optimum efficiency through the use of current and essential tools to accomplish the projects.

 The installment of technology and communication in the producers’ life suppresses conditioned habits and outdated models to make the work environment a propellor for learning and evolving.

Sobre Nós


Ex Africa •

CCBB | Belo Horizonte-Rio de Janeiro-Brasília-São Paulo | 2017-2018

More than any other continent, modern Africa lives in a time that appears to be compromised. Besides the country being barely over 50, it is already older than its average population. Nevertheless, it still hasn’t opened its doors entirely to industrialization; as a matter of fact, most of its economic activity is centered around trade. The artists in this exhibition are faced with these challenges and have to deal with englobing the energy released by such. They do this by referring to the classic satirical resources; whereas, they are capable of using the ludicrous to fuel the misery. The show relies on names such as Ibrahim Mahama, Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, Kudzanai Chiurai, Omar Victor Diop, J. D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, and others. Curatorship: Alfons Hug

Frestas Trienal de Artes/Frestas Arts Triennal •

Entre Pós-Verdades e Acontecimentos

SESC Sorocaba | 2017

In this show artists from different nationalities, generations and origins partake to showcase their pieces which all bring into light questions of formal ambiguity: transdisciplinarity; temporality, performativity; gender and sexuality; social criticism and artistic. Over half of the projects are commissioned and unpublished and will occupy the SESC’s building as well as public roads, other institutions, stores and historical ruins. Creating circuits of aesthetic experiences that connect the institution and the city. Amongst the participating artists, there is Celina Portella, Daniel Senise, Dias & Riedweg, Guerrilla Girls, Héctor Zamora, Teresa Margolles, joining a total of 57 artists. Curatorship: Daniela Labra​

Outras Ideias/Other Ideas •

Daniel Arsham e Makoto Azuma

Oi Futuro e Aterro do Flamengo | Rio de Janeiro | 2017

With curatorship by Marcello Dantas, the public art show where the artists Daniel Arsham and Makoto Azuma created unpublished large-scale pieces that were implemented at the Flamengo Aterro in Rio de Janeiro. In the “Oi Futuro” space there was a contextual exhibition about each one of the artists. American-born, Daniel Arsham balances the fine line between art, architecture, and performance. Meanwhile, Makoto dedicates himself to botanical sculptures and his pieces juxtapose themselves to traditional Japanese Ikebana art.​

Zeitgeist •

The Art from New Berlin

CCBB | Belo Horizonte-Rio de Janeiro-Brasília | 2015-2016

Curated by Alfons Hug, this exhibition reunites, for the first time in Brazil, a consistent panorama of the much respected artistic community of Berlin, translating the spirit of the time which is marked by contradiction and reinventions. The show relies on paintings, photography, video art performances, installations and culture from the Berlin-based clubs to feature the vision of 29 renowned artists; amongst these, Julius von Bismarck & Julian Charrière, Kitty Kraus, Marc Brandenburg and Sven Marquardt.​

ComCiência •

Patricia Piccinini

CCBB | São Paulo-Brasília-Rio de Janeiro-Belo Horizonte | 2015-2017

Australian artist Patricia Piccinini dwells on how to morph the topic of genetic mutation with art. To do so, she uses realism as a language, presenting the visitor with a universe of unknown creatures that still look plausible and surprisingly affectionate. “ComCiencia” (With Science) is a neologism of double meaning which connects Conscience with Science and proposes to the public a narrative of sculptures, drawings, photos, and videos. Curatorship: Marcello Dantas​

Terra Comunal/Communal Ground •

Marina Abramović

SESC Pompéia | São Paulo | 2015

The retrospective exhibition, curated by Jochen Volz presents a collection of Marina Abramović’s pieces, from installation and objects to videos and documents. The show hones in on a series of works that promote the gallery as a space for possible encounters so that the exhibition’s premise becomes the relationship between artistic purposes and the public’s reception. The works shown were fundamental in Abramović’s carrier and intrinsic to the creation of the Marina Abramović Institute – MAI.​

Invento •

The Revolutions that Invented Us

Oca Parque do Ibirapuera | São Paulo | 2015

 The exhibition counted with approximately 35 pieces, many unpublished in Brazil and created from some of the inventions that changed humankind and the world over the last 150 years. With curatorship from Marcello Dantas and Agnaldo Farias, some of the artists and inventions included are: Andy Warhol (electric guitar), Bill Viola (television), Man Ray (electric iron), Olafur Eliasson (solar energy), Nam June Paik (TV), Janet Cardiff (sound box), Julian Opie (cellphone), Pero Reyes (psychoanalysis).​

Corpos Presentes/ Present Bodies

Antony Gormley

CCBB | São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro-Brasília | 2013

 Antony Gormley is largely known for his large-scale pieces. In his work, he explores the human body and space; such as in the artwork Event Horizon, included in this show, where sculptures of human figures are positioned at the top of buildings and on sidewalks to modify the city’s scape. The artist uses his existence as a model, transforming the experience that much more subjective as an experience to the collective viewer. Curatorship: Marcello Dantas

Tatiana Blass •


Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo | 2011-2012

Winner of the 2011 PIPA award in the categories of jury’s choice and popular vote; the piece consists of a red carpet measuring 13 meters which runs from the entrance of the chapel (Morumbi Chapel) until an enormous manual pedal loom located near the altar where the weave begins. The yarn exits from the other side of the loom in great quantity, falling on the ground and spreading through holes on the mud wall. The red thread invade the green of the museum’s Garden, and the piece is entitled Penelope in honor of the Greek myth of Penelope and Ulysses.​

Arte e Espiritualidade / Art and Spirituality

Mosteiro de São Bento | São Paulo | 2010

Winner of the 2010 APCA award for Best Exhibition of the year, the show is a speech between three artists (Marco Giannotti, José Spaniol, and Carlos Eduardo Uchoa) dealing with spirituality, a dialogue between the intangible and the real world, translated through several artistic means. This is the first contemporary art exhibit to be shown in the São Bento monastery.

Terra de Livres/Land of the Free

Street Theatrical Production

São João del Rei | 2010

The show idealized by Marcello Dantas re-tells the story of the region of São João del Rei integrating historical sites with street theater. The spectacle showcases the importance of gold and mining to the area, the settling of the city and tales such as that of the freed slave Maria Viegas, who ordered that everyone who attended her burial receive payment on the form of gold. The public is guided by a court of “tropeiros”, “maracatu”, prostitutes and “congada” who all take turns to travel through the city. The stops include five churches of the town, where the actors use projections, music, dance and circus performances o narrate the regions historical saga. Each episode represents the conquest of different freedoms; from political to personal, spiritual to educational and even economic.


The Portuguese Matrix

CCBB | São Paulo-Rio de Janeiro-Brasília | 2007-2008

The exhibition honors the 200 years of the Brazilian Bank (Banco do Brasil), which was created by Dom João VI in 1808, the year where the Royal Family arrives on Brazilian soil. The show depicts a side of Portugal not widely known by Brazilians, characterized by pieces and documents from the prehistoric times until the year of the Discovery (1500). It describes the formation of the Portuguese people and their rule through a narrative of jewels, sacred and profane objects, maps, scientific tools and statuary that constitutes an invaluable collection never before seen in Brazil. ​

projetos realizados




Ai Weiwei Inóculo

OCA Parque Ibirapuera| São Paulo

Farol Santander Programação 2018-2019

Farol Santander | São Paulo

Museu da Natureza

Serra da Capivara | Piauí

Museu da Cidade de Manaus

Manaus | Amazonas

Campos de Invisibiliadade

Sesc Belenzinho | São Paulo

Saramago Os Pontos e a VIsta

Farol Santander | São Paulo


Santander Cultural|Porto Alegre


Ex Africa

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Belo Horizonte;

Rio de Janeiro; Brasília; São Paulo

Erwin Wurm O Corpo é a Casa

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo; Brasília;

Belo Horizonte; Rio de Janeiro

Examinando o Brasil 50 Anos da Revista Exame

Espaço de Eventos Shopping JK Iguatemi | São Paulo

Outras Ideias Daniel Arsham e Makoto Azuma

Oi Futuro e Aterro do Flamengo | Rio de Janeiro

Frestas Trienal de Artes Entre Pós Verdades e Acontecimentos

Sesc Sorocaba | Sorocaba

Espuma Kohei Nawa

Japan House | São Paulo

SUBTLE Sutileza em Papel

Japan House | São Paulo

Eterno Efêmero Kengo Kuma

Japan House | São Paulo

Bambu Histórias de um Japão

Japan House | São Paulo

Flower Messenger Makoto Azuma

Japan House | São Paulo

Hugo França Um Tronco para Exú

MAC USP Ibirapuera | São Paulo


Provocar Urbanos Inquietações sobre a Cidade

Sesc Vila Mariana | São Paulo


Yolanda Penteado A Dama das Artes de São Paulo

Solar da Marquesa de Santos | São Paulo


Jogos do Sul 

Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica | Rio de Janeiro


2015 | 2016

Zeitgeist Arte da Nova Berlim 

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Belo Horizonte;

Rio de Janeiro; Brasília

ComCiência Patricia Piccinini 

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo; Brasília;

Rio de Janeiro; Belo Horizonte


Terra Comunal Marina Abramovic

Sesc Pompéia | São Paulo

As Margens dos Mares 

Sesc Pinheiros | São Paulo

Invento As Revoluções que nos Inventaram 

OCA Parque do Ibirapuera | São Paulo

CRU Comida Transformação e Arte 

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Brasília

Shirley Paes Leme Quando atitudes (trans) formam 

Centro Cultural Minas Tênis Clube | Belo Horizonte


Ciclo Criar com o que Temos

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo;

Brasília; Belo Horizonte

Museu do Café


Jaraguá Caio Reisewitz

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo

Christian Boltanski

Sesc Pompéia | São Paulo

Tino Sehgal Essas Assossiações

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Rio de Janeiro

O Jogo só Acaba Quando Termina

Sesc Vila Mariana | São Paulo

Turista Hotel Cristiano Mascaro

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo

Câmara da Descompressão Edu Marin

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo

Túneis não Mostram o Final Felipe Bertarelli

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo


Cai Guo-Qiang Da Vincis do Povo

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo;

Rio de Janeiro; Brasília

Bauhaus Foto.Filmes

Sesc Pinheiros | São Paulo



Galeria de Arte da UNESP | São Paulo

Antony Gormley Corpos Presentes

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo;

Rio de Janeiro; Brasília

Pinóquio em uma Bela Arte

Sesc Belenzinho | São Paulo

Shirley Paes Leme Água Viva

Museu Vale | Vitória

Praça Ramos de Azevedo

na Fotografia de Carlos Moreira

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo

Aristodemos Becherini Entre a Publicidade e as Cidades

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo

Ana Paula Oliveira Meu Chapéu ta no Alto do Céu

Casa da Imagem | São Paulo

Mostra Índios do Brasil

Festival Europália | Bruxelas

Gravura Extrema

Festival Europália | La Luviére


Meu Meio

Sesc Interlagos | São Paulo

Tatiana Blass Penélope

Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo

Alex Pilis

Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo

Irmãos O Xingu dos Vilas Boas

Sesc Pompéia | São Paulo

Maurício Ianês Um e Outro Silêncio

Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo

Laurie Anderson Eu em Tu - I in You

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo;

Rio de Janeiro

José Spaniol Descanso de Sala

Parque Burle Marx | São Paulo

50 Anos Editora Abril Fotografia em Revista

Museu Nacional Conjunto Cultural da República | Brasília



Galeria Olido | São Paulo

Hudinilson Jr. Narcisos

Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo

Rebecca Horn Rebelião em Silêncio

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Rio de Janeiro; São Paulo

Marcelo Moscheta Contra-Céu

Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo

Museu Anna Nery


Mostra Centenário Tancredo Neves

Museu Histórico Nacional | Rio de Janeiro

Palácio das Artes | Belo Horizonte

Thomas Hirschorn La Salle Flottante

Escola São Paulo | São Paulo

Arte e Espiritualidade

Mosteiro São Bento | São Paulo

Gary Hill O Lugar sem o Tempo -

Taking Time for Place

Museu da Imagem e do Som | São Paulo

Oi Futuro

Rio de Janeiro

Espetáculo Teatral Terra de Livres

São João del Rei

Revitalização do Memorial Tancredo Neves

São João del Rei


Fotografia em Revista

Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado | São Paulo

Intempéries O Fim do Tempo

OCA Parque do Ibirapuera | São Paulo

José Spaniol Timpano

Capela do Morumbi | São Paulo

Espaço Cultural da Criança

Catavento Cultural | São Paulo

2008 | 2007

Projeto Social Ascensão Marcelo Cidade

e Thiago Rocha Pitta

Pavilhão de Vidro no vale do Anhangabaú | São Paulo


Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | Rio de Janeiro

Paço das Artes | São Paulo

Lusa A Matriz Portuguesa

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil | São Paulo;

Rio de Janeiro; Brasília

2007 | 2006

Anish Kapoor Ascension

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil

São Paulo; Rio de Janeiro; Brasília

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